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Question - I was wondering if you catch the water of the conservatory you built? I am considering how to finish of this particular area of a building such as yours in poly carb sheets. Over hang or flush with walls? Spouting and down pipe or not? What is you experience.English Rain Barrel

Answer - With Poly carbonate, the eave can be overhung up to two inches unsupported. Just attach a gutter with a downspout to a water barrel.  Make sure the overflow is piped into a drain so it doesn't create an erosion problem.  With glass roofs, I rip a treated 2x4 at the same angle as the roof and add a 1/4" slot on the bottom to work as a drip edge.  A gutter and downspout could be mounted below this and directed to a watering barrel. 

PS:  If you linked a bunch of these, they'd probably make great heat storage, too!

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