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7/21/02: This surplus heater was part of a large hydro tomato business that was sold utilizing this site. The gentleman who purchased the greenhouse lives in Florida and will not be using the infloor heat or the boiler system.

This was a complete floor heat system for an 88x128' Crop King greenhouse in operational condition. We are asking $7500.00
heat 4
for the entire system as listed above. Super deal!!! Photos below.

Sold 7/14/2004

heat 2

Equipment List for Raypac Boiler and Infloor Heat System

  1. Raypac 726,000 BTU input natural gas (convertible to LP) two stage boiler with a new heat exchanger and flow switch.
  2. Baldor / Grundfos 1 HP electric circulating pump with 2" flanged connectors
  3. Honeywell and Goldline electronic controller
  4. Approximately 80' output & 80' return 2" schedule 80 PVC distribution piping
  5. 8 manifold assemblies, each controlling 4 heat runs
  6. Approximately 9000' of " Heat Link tubing with oxygen barrier
  7. Approximately 12' of 12" B-vent with support brackets
  8. Electric power vent for chimney
heat 3



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