Spires and Finials

On the spire, I've built one by combining fence post finials and an ornate table leg that I found at Lowe's. I painted it white and it looked OK. I also was given an antique English cast iron finial that looked great. Here's some links:

- http://www.denninger.com/finials.htm

- http://www.decorativeiron.com (probably need to e-mail them)

- http://www.weathervanesbyferro.com He may be able to quote a custom one out of aluminum or a special finish for the copper?

- http://www.capitalcrestings.com/finials.asp

- http://www.unclejohns.com/trim/finials/default.htm -- He can probably do a 4-way!

- http://www.slateandcopper.com/majewski's_custom_finials.htm -- looks like other materials available and custom work.

There are simple plans for a finial with the plans but this is an item that you can have fun with to personalize your structure.


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