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Service Overview
Since we only sell plans (at this time), H2othouse, Inc. is mainly a service site.  We offer custom designs and information resources for people wanting to build greenhouses.  If there is something else you would like us to show here, please fill out the feedback form and we'll try to respond..


Contact Customer Service
How do customers reach customer service? The best way to reach us is e-mail.  We never answer the phone and we're rarely home.  This web site is the most stable thing in our life and I try to change it all the time.  If in town, I usually check my e-mail in the evening.

Technical Support
Email: jozeeben@netdoor.com

Email: jozeeben@netdoor.com

Accounts Payable
Email: jozeeben@netdoor.com

Email: jozeeben@netdoor.com or fill out registration


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Please contact our Webnovice with questions or comments.

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