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Any greenhouse plan can be modified to a screen room.  If you want it to do double duty as a greenhouse, make the panels removable and invest in a shade cloth for the roof.  If you're in warm climate and do not need a greenhouse, just build the greenhouse or gazebo with screens instead of windows.  Collecting plans and links . . . please let me know if you know of any links for screen rooms or lathe houses! ( jozeeben@netdoor.com)

- SunPorch Structures - It's a porch, sun room, or patio room that converts to a bug-free screen porch in summer. It's America's first and only convertible sunspace.
- Screen-houses Unlimited - Do-it-yourself kits for all kinds of screen rooms and other outdoor structures.
- Vixen Hill Manufacturing - Porch systems, Gazebos, shutters - gorgeous!
- HomePlace Structures has a lot of Gazebos (screened or unscreened)
- Jamaica Cottage Shop (Vermont) - screened cotttages.  Will sell plans for any of the kits for $50.
- Gazebo Junction - Nice wood gazebos with optional screens

Question 1: Am getting ready to build an additional " screen enclosure " Orchid shade
  house with an east view in so. Florida and know enough to be dangerous. If
  this is your expertise I would like to speak with you

Answer 1: I haven't been able to find much information on the web for screen houses but you could take any greenhouse or gazebo / arbor design and apply shade cloth.  We house our orchids in the greenhouse in winter and move them under an arbor during the summer and they do quite well.  

Hope that helps:  If you find any other links, let me know and I'll add them to my site.

Question: I have looked at what feels like a zillion sites on greenhouses, yours is
great! Incredibly informative.

Unfortunately, I'm probably going to have to hire someone to custom design
one for my husband, an orchid hobbyist and rather handy, he probably could
build it but we can't find a design that is large enough, pretty enough and
functional enough...maybe we want too much. We have about 750 plants on the
lanaii right now and I've asked him to find them another home. If you know
of someone who designs shade houses please advise, we live in a gated
subdivision and they require a "certain look" and he needs at least a 30 x 30
"orchid house" We have ample room on our lot. We live in Southern Florida.

Thank you

Answer: Thanks for the compliment! I could provide a custom design with construction similar to the Victorian pictured on my web site: http://www.h2othouse.com/html/customdesigns.html

There's a few ideas in the following books on gazebos and they have construction techniques:

Hope that helps but I think you're right . . . sounds like a custom design!



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