Recycling old glass


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Recycling old glass:


Hi, my name is Geordie.  I'm building a greenhouse and was wondering if plain glass from an old house would work as the outside covering?

>Answer: Hi Geordie McDermaid -

It would be fine on the walls but I wouldn't recommend it for the roof or doors.  Typically, tempered glass, polycarbonate, or fiberglass is used because it will hold up to hail.  If you do use it for the roof (they did in the old days), I would stay out the greenhouse during heavy storms or heavy snow loads.  If regular glass breaks it comes down in large sharp chards. 

Single pane glass is a poor insulator and you may want to consider shutters or/and a removable second pane of glass or plastic on the frame.  Here's a couple of links:

These free plans have a few details on installing glass on the roof:

Building Your Own Greenhouse by Mark Freeman has some instructions on cutting and installing glass:

  • Books (it's the 4th book down)
  • Some details shown below

Hope that helps!




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