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Several products available now (More on the way!)
Plans for the Victorian Conservatory pictured above, 3-way 8's, Tall 16-wide, Gothic and Large Victorian are available now.  Other plans are in the works (Click the link below to check availability date!). 


Money Back Guarantee
If not satisfied with the plans*, return for your money back, Shipping and handling charges not refundable. *Custom designs not refundable.

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Gothic Greenhouse

Gothic Style -- Ready for shipment!  Click here for more information.

Product name

Plan001 - Victorian Conservatory

Plan002.  Basic 8s.

Plan003: Basic Twelve Wide

Plan004: Basic 16 wide

Plan005:  Tall 16 wide

Plan006: 8x8 Garden Crystals

Plan007: 12x12 Garden Crystal

Plan008 - 16x16 Garden Crystal

Plan009: 3 way 8s

Plan010- 4-way 8s

Plan011- Simple 16 & (2) Basic 8s Combo

Plan012 - Custom Designs

Plan013 - 11'3 wide Gothic

Plan014: Attached Greenhouses (custom designs)

Plan015 - 40x40 ft Victorian

Plan017 Attached 16x12 Conservatory


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