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Plan002.  Basic 8´s.

Free standing greenhouse 8´Widex12´Longx8´High Walls. Includes Wiring diagram, ventilation and heating specification.   Frame is treated lumber, redwood, cedar or cypress.  Brick or plywood base.

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Technical Specifications



Basic 8´s.  Simple yet elegant greenhouses.  Build as long as desired!

 8 feet wide by 8 or 12 feet long by 8 feet high walls.  30 degree sloped roof.  Frame can be built with treated lumber, cypress, cedar or redwood.  Raised slab foundation.  Heating and venting schematic included as well as electrical schematic.

Plan 2.  Basic 8´s


$12 US plus $6 S&H (Available on request in 2-3 wks)

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