Pinion Pine Trees
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Pinion Pine Trees (pinus pinea) : Here's a picture of our new baby we started from seed. Pine nuts, an essential ingredient for Pesto which is a sauce for pasta, pizza, salmon and other "to die for dishes".  Beware, once you've started cooking with these nuts, you may not be able to live without them.  If you don't want to grow and harvest your own, go to King Author Flours for a great price by the pound.  If you buy them in the local supermarket, the quantity will probably be small and the price high!
Pinion Pine Tree

  • Sources of supply - We bought the seeds from the Banana Tree who have this to say about it - "PINUS pinea "Italian Stone Pine" - A distinctive pine. Slow growing to 80'. Also called "Umbrella Pine" because of it's spreading, flat topped crown. Known for its delicious "Pignolia" (pine nuts). Native to the warmer Mediterranean regions this pine can be grown in zone 8 and tolerates heat and drought. With it's blue/green needles it makes a handsome container plant. Large seeds...."  3.5 years before they start producing cones.
  • See my seeds page or rare plants for other possible sources.


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