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 Lisa's orchid's:  The two orchids shown below bloomed fall 1999 and the blossom's last and last.   Not hard to grow, but they must be greenhoused or brought inside for the winter.  Orchids need good drainage (do not let sit in water), fir bark, and occasional fertilizer.  Find window or shady spot in the garden with bright indirect light for best luck   I've read that Orchids are sensitive to unvented gas heaters . . . we've haven't had any problems with ours.  If you had experience with this, please e-mail jozeeben@netdoor.com .

For an inexpensive how-to manual, order All about Orchids by Ortho Books from Amazon.Com.

Copyright 1998 Robinson Photography
Copyright 1998 Robinson Photography

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  • River Valley Orchidworks features named, mature, blooming-size orchid plants for sale at reasonable prices. We sell Phalaenopsis, Paphiopedilum, Phragmipedium and many Oncidiinae & intergenerics.  We also offer OrchidTalk forums, a large Orchid Care Section, and a 3D Live Chat.
  • The Orchid Mall - Links, info, web space, etc.
  • Hamilton Orchid and Plant Design - Offers greenhouse consulting and Interior design, too!
  • Jim's Orchid Supplies - mail order orchid growing supply and ventilation equipment business.
  • Bibliorchidea.net - Search-able data base of volumes and volumes of Orchid information. Membership fee -- sign up for a month or year and donate to a great resource of information.
  • 1-888-Orchids.com - America's favorite way to buy Orchids.
  • Kawamoto Orchid Nursery grows orchids in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii.

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