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More Greenhouse Stuff! (over 100 pages with lots of links) - if you don't see it here, e-mail Joe at jozeeben@netdoor.com .  I've been adding at least one page a week and featuring the best question(s) in my quarterly e-mail (please sign the guestbook to be included).  Feel free to include pictures with your e-mail.

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Building & Designing (* GH = Greenhouse)

Heating, Insulating, Cooling and Ventilating

Supplies, Glazing, Seeds, Rare Plants

Growing, Starting Seeds, Propagating

Greenhouse Plants

[--1. Getting Started]
[--2.  Foundations]
[--3. Framing]
[- Econo-Heat]
[- Flashing]
[- Old Glass]
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[Too Much Humidity]
[Glazing / Roofing]
[Rare Plants]
[Potting Benches]
[Roof Vents]
[Water Collection]
[Rare Plants]
[Kaffir Lime]
[Lemon Grass]
[Pinion Pine]
[Thimble violets]



Hydroponics / Aquaculture

Other Plans


[Window G.H.]
[Wardian Cases]
[Wardian Cases]
[Potting Benches]
[Potting Sheds]
[Gazebo Plans]
[Screen Rooms]
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[Other Plans]
 Check your local yellow pages.  There may be some on my supplies page.

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