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There is no cost to list your URL but all sites are reviewed and then manually added at our discretion.  The rating is based on speed, content, aesthetics, and the mood of the reviewer!  To get the top spots on the appropriate pages or to add a banner see "Advertise Here!".  Sometimes, I'm kind of slow or disorganized or out of the country or in outer space, so, if you don't hear back in a timely manner, please pester me.  I like e-mail better than forms and automation:  Please provide contact name, e-mail, company name, web site address, and a short description of your site and e-mail jozeeben@netdoor.com .  If you rather use a form, try the guest book. It doesn't really acknowledge that it was sent . . . maybe I'll fix that one day?

Thanks in advance for your patience,

Joe Zeeben


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