Jason's Hydroponic Links

This information was kindly provided by Jason on EBay auctions for $4.95

Thanks for requesting the info. The info that I have found is as follows...

For the easy to build greenhouse and aquafarm system, click this link... ~Greenhouse and Aquafarm (http://www.ns.net/~bennu)

For a good 2 liter bottle ebb and flow type of system, click this link...Ebb and Flow (http://www.hydroponicsonline.com/)

For a wick system, click this link...Wick (http://www.microfarm.com/free/)

For the simple bucket system, click this link...Bucket (http://simplyhydro.com/free3.htm)

For an idea about an NFT system, click this link...NFT (http://www.maximumyield.com/vol1num2/nft_systems.html)

For a good supplier of hydroponic stuff, click this link...Home Harvest (http://homeharvest.com/table.htm)

If you want to get into worm composting, check out this link...~The Spot To Stop At On The Wormweb!! (http://members.loop.com/~titus/wormweb.htm)

Check out this propagation site...Freeplants.com (http://www.freeplants.com/)

If you need a good supplier of seeds, this is the site for you...Reimer Seeds (http://www.reimerseeds.com/)

Thanks again and happy growing, year around.

ps-I just need to make this clear, I am not acting as a representative for any of the above sites, nor are they bound to give you anything other than the information that is on their pages that they give freely. It is up to you to print out the material you deem necessary for your plans and goals to be achieved.


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