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Greenhouse Heaters and Heating Systems - If you're in a cold climate, heating can be a major expense.  You can start simple with a wood stove or go complex with a multi-fuel boiler with a radiant floor.  Most greenhouses have a gas heater with automatic temperature control. 

Wood Stoves -  If you have wood available and don't mind a little extra work, this a economical way to heat a small greenhouse.  For larger spaces, try a wood burning boiler.

  • Click now! Lehmans offers all the major brands of wood heating and wood cooking stoves.

Boilers - For use with radiant floor systems or on hydronic heaters / radiators.

  • Wood Burning Boilers
    - The Hardy Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace
    - DEB Design - Plans to build you own wood burning boiler, swimming pools, etc.
    - Aqua-Therm - Wood burning furnace and radiant floor modules.
    - Central Boiler - Outdoor wood burner furnace
    - Alternative Heating Systems Inc. make a multi-fuel burning system boilers
    - The Wood Master Outdoor Wood Furnace.
    - Northland Distributing & Manufacturing Inc. proudly presents Crown Royal Stoves - Outdoor Wood Furnaces. Our line of outdoor furnaces are able to burn wood, coal & corn and are constructed out of 10 gauge (0.14") 409 AL Titanium enhanced stainless steel for the best corrosion resistance and heat transfer possible. Made to withstand the roughest climates Crown Royal Stoves - Outdoor Wood Furnaces are one of the most efficient ways to heat your home or business.
  • Gas Boilers

Electic Heaters

Gas Heaters-

Kerosene Heaters



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