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Health and Fitness Picks:

  • Sugar Buster's - Cut Sugar to trim fat.
  • Dr. Atkins' New Diet  Cookbook
    List Price: $14.95
    Our Price: $11.96
    You Save:
    $2.99  (20%)
  • Joe's Low fat recipes --- the emphasis is on Southern International!  Low fat Thai food is my passion.  I also love Mexican, Southern American, Russian and East European peasant food, Chinese, Japanese , Indian and the rest of South East Asia. If you have some recipes to add, please email Joe .  PS My greenhouse is great for Lemon Grass, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Basil, Cilantro, and other tropical herbs! 
  • Joe put on ten pounds over Christmas 1999.  He just ordered this book to Banish Your Belly : The Ultimate Guide for Achieving a Lean, Strong Body-Now . He'll let you know what he thinks.
                         by Kenton Robinson, Men's Health Books (Editor), Dragomir Cioroslan
                                       List Price: $19.95
                                       Our Price: $15.96
                                       You Save: $3.99 (20%)
  • You gotta love Oprah or at least these two books: In the Kitchen with Rosie and Make the Connection if you're going to change your life and lifestyle (not a diet but lasting changes!).  Classics that work (even for Oprah!)
  • Cooking Light needs a collection . . . their books and magazines are great!  Here's a few: (1) Cooking Light the Lazy Gormet (2) Cooking Light Five Star Recipes : The Best of 10 Years (3) Cooking Light Cookbook, 1996  Lot's of nutritional information, too.
  • To be continued . . . .
  • Dr. Atkins' New Diet  Revolution
     List Price: $14.00
    Our Price: $11.20
    You Save:
    $2.80  (20%)



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