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Putting on the Finishing Touches

In this picture, we're still putting on the finishing touches.  If you look closely, you'll notice a board protruding from the cupola.  That's how we attached the spire.


The greenhouse is built on a raised slab (12") to prevent flooding.  Southern Mississippi can get an inch of rain an hour at times. 

The foundation frame and drain piping

The cypress frame

The frame is constructed of 6x6 cypress corner posts, 2x6 rafters, 2x8 ridges and 4x6 top plates.  The wood was custom ordered from Frank's Sawmill (Frank Hanby) of Ovett, Mississippi, which (if you can find a local person with a portable saw mill) is cheaper than the lumber yard. 

Glazing - I used single pane glass which is fine in this climate and half the cost of double pane. Polycarbonate would have been a better choice, especially for the roof.  The laminated safety glass cracks very easily.
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Finished Front View


Interior shots!  A small gas heater was enough to keep the greenhouse warm in the winter.  We've been moving the plants out in the summer but should have an evaporative cooling system and shades by next year so we can leave them in.

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