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Too Much Humidity!


We have constructed a greenhouse in Sept. this year in Cleveland, TN.  We are having a problem with the inside of the roof condensating. . . It looks like a rain forest.  What can we do to cut down the condensation?   Help!!!!!!


I'm assuming you only have a single layer of glazing on the roof? They make bubble plastic that can be applied on the inside or you could add a second layer of poly over the top and inflate with air. Perhaps better air circulation may help? You may also try to get the humidity down during the day by venting so when it's closed up at night the air isn't as saturated with moisture. They also make dehumidification systems that could be tied into a heating system. Not sure what the most economical choice would be . . . Also you might be over watering? Here are some recommendations from Greenhouse Gardeners Companion by Shane Smith:

    1. Circulation. Circulate the air even when the greenhouse is sealed to the outside in winter. ….

    2. Water early in the day. ….

    3. Water only when needed. ….

    4. Ventilate to the outside. Whenever the outside temperature is warm enough, ventilate to the outside. This can also be done when the greenhouse is running hot, even if is not warm outside. In a solar greenhouse, this practice is not recommended if you are heading into a long cool cloudy spell.

    5. Use air-to-air heat exchangers. This is a fancy (and not cheap) piece of equipment that trades warm, moist air for cool, dry air. During the exchange process, the cool, dry air is heated by the exiting warm moist air, thus minimizing heat loss while dumping out the wet air. For more information, you should talk to an architect.


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