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Glazing is your most expensive material and determines the functionality of your greenhouse.  See the articles and links below to determine the critical variables: (1) Cost, (2) R-Factor / U-value which measures insulating ability, (3) Light transmission, (4) Strength / durability, (5) Expected life / warranty.  These factors not only impact your heating and cooling costs but also plant growth and plant health.

Advance Greenhouses
Polycarbonate, Polyfilm, Solexx, Shade cloths
Cut to order


Sundance Supply -- design and installation guide - How to build with polycarbonate

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Advance Greenhouses - Planning and Building a Greenhouse.  Includes various material types, light transmission and U-value.



How to build with Twin wall - Charley's Greenhouse



Comparison of Different Materials - EnviroCept



Step 5: Choosing a Covering Material - Alabama Extension Cooperative System



Dial a Conservatory's discussion of different options.  Low-E Glass, Polycarbonate, etc. 



.How to build with Fiberglass - Charley's Greenhouse





Reinforced Multi Layer Film

Advanced Greenhouses - 4 year, 6 mil thick, UV Stabilized.  Cut to size.


Film Clamps

Clamps for films onto pipe frame - SnapClamp


Polyethylene Film

Tufflite by Tyco Plastics - Tufflite IV has a four year warranty.  Clear or 70% shade



Cropking - Poly UVA or IR The Poly Uva film usually lasts up to four years.....There is also a four year warranty on the plastic, that includes- Cracking or breaking due to the sun, or manufacturers defects.


Woven Polyethlene

Scrimweave® Rip Stop Poly - 83% light transmission. Woven from ribbons of UV treated poly.  Lasts 4 to 5 years, longer in northern climates. Charley's Greenhouse.



Thor Tarp - several different fabrics for greenhouse covers...two of them are varying thicknesses and strengths of woven coated polyethylene mainly for high tear strength (DuraShield 6000 and 8000 clear) and the other two are "string reinforced" polyethylene laminates with high UV for long life and excellent puncture resistance (ThoroShield 550 & 850 clear).  Full 2 Year warranty on ThoroShield 850.


Clear vinyl

TMI Inc. - Wholesale avail with UV inhibitor and Mildew risistance.


Solexx Paneling - Corrugated multilayer polyethylene

Advance Greenhouse - Solexx Paneling is a sturdy twin walled material made from an advanced formulation of polyethylene that is UV certified and backed by an eight year warranty. The unique twin walled design of Solexx Paneling makes it far stronger than film greenhouse paneling.


Corrugated Polyethylene Panels

Envirocept Panels - Double wall polyethylene. Like cardboard made out of UV treated polyethylene. 3.5mm, or 5.0mm.  up to 250' long. 3 year warranty against UV breakdown.


Twin Wall Polycarbonate and Acrylic Panels

Sundance Supply - Sundance Supply - 6mm, 8mm & 16mm polycarbonate in 4 ft. & 6 ft wide.  Lengths 4 ft. to 40 ft.  Clear, Bronze & White.  Fair pricing.  Numerous volume discounts.

Sundance Supply!


Advance Greenhouses - Twinwall or Triplewall Polycarbonate sheets are available in 48" and 72" widths. They are available in clear panels. Opal and bronze are available in limited quantities and pricing is quoted as requested.



International Greenhouse Company Corrugated and Twinwall polycarbonate.



Cropking - Polycarbonate



COEX Corporation - Macrolux® coextruded thermal glazing and Flex-lite® corrugated polycarbonate sheet.



SPS Corporation - Triple wall, Twin Wall and Corrugated for the commercial grower.  Links for hobbyists, too!



San Diego Plastics Company - Lexcel Sheet.  Twin wall, corrugated, multi-wall, and x-wall.  Includes installation information with illustrations and technical specifications.


Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheets

Advance Greenhouses - Single layer Polycarbonate corrugated for rigidity.


Fiberglass sheets

Charley Greenhouse- Flat fiberglass 93% light transmission.



OutletPanel.com - online source for fiberglass panels, flat and corrugated.  Specializing in Industrial overruns, b grade, and returned orders.  Overrun and B grade Greenhouse panels are also stocked in several locations for sale on a first come basis.


Sun-lite Glazing Material

Sun-lite Glazing Material / Solar Components Corporation - high performance solar glazing that is ideal for direct gain applications, water storage walls, solar attics, trombe walls, hydronic collectors, air collectors, batch heaters, greenhouses, cold frames, sunspaces and much more. This product is lightweight, shatterproof, has a solar transmission of 85-90%, superior impact strength, and is easily cut, handled and installed.  Roll sizes range from
2' - 5' width x 6' - 50' long. Thickness of .040" and .060".



Check with your local supplier!


Tempered Double Pane

Arctic Glass & Window Outlet.  565 County Rd. T, Hammond, WI 54015.  Ship Nationwide

27 x67" $49

Curved Glass

GreenhouseStuff.com - greenhouses and greenhouse supplies for contractors and homeowners.



Shade Cloth cut to size.

Advance Greenhouse - Shade cloth is probably one of the least expensive and effective ways to help control the amount of heat gain in a greenhouse.


UV stabilized woven polyethylene.

Thor Tarp - Various options.

$40 for 10x10 without grommets

UV stabilized woven Polyeth.

Shade Tree Privacy and Shade Cloth - "no shade cloth order is too small or too large."


Insulation Panels, Roofing Systems:


Sundance Supply - Polycarbonate Glazing Trim Components.  White or Brown.  Low cost.  Time tested.

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Glazing Systems




Abundant Energy, Inc. Energy Efficient Glazing Systems. Pro-Seal™.Glazing System - "Easy to install, maintenance free with a complete thermal break.  New Pro-Flex™ Rubber Base now available



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