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Greenhouse Flashing:

>Question: I didn't see what I was looking for on your site. Do you have any greenhouse flashing that can be retrofitted to an existing wood frame.  I have a passive solar wall on the exterior of my house, where the wood frame has taken a beating from weather.  Do you have any flashing products that can be attached to the wood and allowing me to reuse my existing windows? If not, is this a typical product that I can find, and do you have any suggestions where I might look? Thanks for the help, Bret

>Answer: The greenhouse glazing systems for wood that I've seen are usually designed to fit the glass to the outside of the frame.  Click on the Pro-seal or the Snap-cap link at the following address:
 - 16x12 Attached
You can also check on my glazing page for additional links:
  - Greenhouse Glazing

Hardware/lumber stores seem to be carrying more vinyl products.  Your local store may have something you could cut, glue and screw to the wood frame. Run a bead of clear silicone to seal between the plastic and glass.

I had a local vinyl siding contractor wrap my eaves and wood door frames in vinyl and white aluminum.  (http://h2ouse.com)They can get the material in rolls and cut and custom form it to fit over the wood.



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