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Question 17-Nov-1999:            In the Victorian era, some folks built carefully balanced "ecosystems" in glass containers, usually a bottle which was sealed with wax.  They often had plants, water, small animal life (Such as microscopic pond creatures).  Some nature catalogs have small versions which contain shrimp and algae.  I am interested in the name of these sealed containers, as well as whether or not you know of any material available on creating them.  Thank you for any assistance. On a totally different topic.....I am looking for a source to buy "sinnengila pusilla".  These plants are a micro-miniaturee version of gloxina.  Do you have any resources? Thanks ...hope to hear from you!

Wrong Answer 17-Nov-1999:
         I'm thinking these are a version of "Wardian Cases" or a variation on "Terrariums".  I have a page dedicated to "Miniature Victorian Conservatories" that may help:        
        For the mini gloxina, you could try a multi-engine search engine like
http://www.google.com or

        Hope that helps and good luck!  I'll see if I can find any other links and add them to the Wardian
        Case Page.  Please let me know if you find anything

        Great growing!
        Joe Zeeben


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