Custom Designs

Custom Designs are available by Joe Zeeben -- November through March (April through October we're too busy with the farm!)  Joe has a full time job elsewhere so please contact him on timing, price and material: email: jozeeben@netdoor.com.   He does one project at a time and usually has a backlog so please schedule in advance.

Gh_front low res
Front view of the Victorian conservatory in Winter.

I do not offer a custom kit but click here for a referral to a leading sunroom manufacturer.  It's best to get at least three quotes and this is a great place to start.

Since custom designs are an iterative process and telephones get expensive, all communications must be by e-mail.  AutoDesk Whip! can be downloaded to view and print drawing files. The plans will be delivered by snail mail (US Postal Service). Custom designs can be labor intensive and, therefore prices are generally between $500 US and $1000 US for custom house plans; greenhouse plans are usually between $200 and $500. 

Please e-mail for a quote outlining building type, approximate square footage, number of rooms, number of stories, style, etc. Depending how complex the project and the back load, lead time may be 3 months or more. Custom design work must be paid in advance. Note: custom designs may become a "h2othouse .com" plan and offered as standard items with all rights reserved for h2othouse.com, Inc.  Local building codes vary, and the plans may need to be modified by the owner or contractor for obtaining a building permit.  No site layouts or set backs are included..

Custom designs usually include plan view, elevation views, cross section, electrical schematic, foundation details,  roof design, HVAC, and bill of material.  How-to manual and 3-D drawings may not be included to keep the plans cost competitive. Depending on complexity, letter size (8.5"x11") drawings may be used. Contact Joe Zeeben jozeeben@netdoor.com for any further information you may require.

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Please contact our Web-novice (jozeeben@netdoor.com) with questions or comments.

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