Dear Helene and Bill-

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We decided on the right house shown below. The left house is with two 12x8 rooms, the right (2) 10x8; the walls are 7' tall at the edges. The main room is 16x16 by 10' high walls. Overall length 32 feet (16+8+8).  The double doors in the front are 6'8" tall by 6' wide.  The grade is 40" with the high spot in the back and the low spot in the front.  The top of the sill (small rooms is approximately 7')

It will take me approximately 4 hours to modify the plans @ $25/hr for a total cost of $98 base plans+ $100 (modification) + S&H ~ $10 for a total of $208. If you would like to proceed, I can set up a PayPal transaction. E-mail consultation is free!

Thank you for the order!

Joe Zeeben


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