For greenhouses, I use a temperature controlled exhaust fan and inlet damper for cooling/ventilation.  I also have a "Hydrofogger" with a humidity control to keep the air from being too dry.  For heat I recommend a gas (for big rooms) or electric (for small rooms) with temperature control.  Additional cooling can be had in summer with an evaporative cooler.  I purchased my systems from Sundance Supply -- see links on my website:  http://www.h2othouse.com  .  


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My name is Laura Joyce and I am currently studying Design and Technology at Camden School for girls. I am designing a product that will hold cricket bat's, storing them in their ideal coditions.

This means that they need to be stored in the ideal climate conditions.

I was wondering if you could help me by letting me know how you control the humidity and temperature in your greenhouses. I would also appreciate you telling me the sizes of any of the components that you use in order to do this,

Thank you very much in advance for reading this and for dealling with it swiftly,



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