Attached Conservatories

Attaching the conservatory to the house increases square footage  and may add additional market value to the property!  Depending on the roof line and the desired 'look', one of the following methods should compliment an existing structure: Under eave, gable, box gutter, or commercial facade (To order a custom design please email description of your project for a price estimate.)

For a kit, it pays to get multiple quotes.  Click here to request a free quote and referral to a leading sunroom manufacturer.


Under the existing eave: If the greenhouse is shorter than the eave, you can attach the greenhouse to the wall.  Sometimes the flashing is a little tricky if the slope of the roof is shallow or if the eave is too far above the roof line


Attached greenhouse under eave

Two versions of attached victorians are shown below.  One wraps around the corner of a two story house and one is connected with fourth wing serving as an enclosed walkway.

Gable: A simple gable can be added to the structure, either on a flat wall or with valleys for an existing roof line.  The illustration on the right shows an attached half-octagon with a gable to match a complicated roof line.

Attached octogonal greenhouse with a gable

Box Gutter:  A gutter can be put betwee the two structures to carry the water away forming a valley.  Rows of commercial greenhouses use this method a lot and they're called "gutter-connected" greenhouses, fancy that!

Elevation view box gutter attached to garage

Facade for a commercial greenhouse: here are some sketches to turn your ugly commercial house into a retail show place!

Victorian with 24'wide Commercial Add-on

Victorian with  32' wide commercial greenhouse


For photos and more information on attached greenhouses, head to the United Kingdom:



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