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Company Overview
The main goal of h2othouse.com is to provide greenhouse resources and links to hobbyists on the web.  Hopefully, it will eventually help this hobby pay for itself!


Slow Joe on (in) a Roll.
This greenhouse started as a hobby but is turning into a business . . . . One that doesn't pay any bills, yet.  My time is limited but I'll try to be timely with inquiries. 


Mission Statement
Phase 1:  To have the most complete listing of greenhouse plans on the net.
Phase 2:  To offer quality home and garden products/designs for sale on the net.

Company Background
What started as a hobby has become a tax write-off.  Maybe it will break even in a year and we can recoup some of this money we've thrown into the house and garden.  Unlikely, but I'm pessimistically hopeful by nature.

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